You design buildings for form and function,
we engineer them
for greater value. with integrity. with creative solutions. to be safe and sound.

Where Talent and Trust Intersect

Buildings built right stand the test of time. So do companies.

We've been earning our clients’ trust since 1996. An award-winning, full-service structural engineering firm, KNA delivers innovative solutions to the educational, civic, healthcare and commercial industries. We could stand on our laurels, but that's not our style. Longevity requires talent, tenacity and flexibility—the same qualities our clients demand to carry out their creative vision.

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Diverse Talent. Diverse Projects.

KNA engineering services preserves design aesthetics, reduces construction costs and delivers exceptional service and quality on every project.

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Smart Solutions. Superior Service.

Guided by integrity, open communication and responsiveness, we’re able to deliver exceptional service and form strong relationships with architects, building owners and contractors.

KNA Value Design Approach

Collaborative Approach with Clients

KNA believes in collaborating with our clients and Design Team members early and often. In our experience, this is the best way to achieve a client's vision, ensure fiscal responsibility and complete the project on time.

KNA Value Design Approach

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Here’s What Clients Say About Us

I have worked with KNA Structural Engineers for over 20 years and have found them to be the best in the business. I have always been able to get accurate detailed explanations from KNA regarding their designs. They are always open to my suggestions and ideas. They perform in a very timely manner and meet their commitments. I recommend …

Mat Havens Director of Facility Acquisition & Development January 12, 2017

The most impressive distinguishing aspect of KNA is that the principals are hands-on and reachable.

Frisco White Principal January 6, 2017

We began working with KNA Structural Engineers (previously KNA Consulting Engineers) in the early 2000s when they were referred to us. Since then we have enjoyed a stream of successful outcomes that carry on to the present day. They have always fulfilled their mission as engineers in a thorough, detailed and accurate manner. We’ve never …

Ric Davy Principal January 1, 2017

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